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Advertisers are constantly seeking new avenues to effectively reach their target audiences with the aim of realizing customer retention, brand visibility and a complete 360 degrees confidence-build in the minds of their customers using lesser resources to achieve more. The traditional advertising methods available are losing their effectiveness; hence, there is a need to increase the channels by which consumers are reached even so in a strategic pitch.

As at today, the most widely used means of transportation in Nigeria is the road transportation. Statistics show that an average of over 11 million people in Lagos alone spend well over 5 hours of their functional hours on the road.

Other than football which serves as a common ground for all Nigerians, there is a characteristic trend in the buying nature of Nigerians. The characteristic buying behaviour of an average consumer in Nigeria is: buy on impulse, buy on sentiments, and Buy! Buy!! Buy!!! In other words, Nigerians are led by what they see; the more your brand or product is perceived visually, the greater the consumer uptake. The behavioral hold on buying stems from the urban zones influencing the semi-urban and eventually the rural. Marketing precedence shows that if a product captures Lagos, then it has captured Nigeria.

Why Bus Advertising?


Bus advertising provides a high impact visual reminder of your company and what your company can offer customers. Short burst, big campaigns can launch new brands / products, while long term campaigns can increase awareness of your company.

Local Target

Bus Advertising allows you to target potential customers in your geographic catchment areas. By isolating your target market and using buses that circulate in your region, there will be very little wastage of your advertising spend on distant customers.


The ability to change your advertisements economically allows you to advertise monthly promotions or new products throughout your campaign. There is no doubt as to the ability of bus advertising to generate more sales and get bottom line results.

Easy Audience

Buses are moving and unavoidable. Viewers don't have to buy a product to see your advertisements and they can't change the channel or turn it off. Unlike television, radio and press, bus advertising lets you cut through the confusion and maximize impact.

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