Procurement and Contracts

Procurement and Contracts


The contract and procurement function has developed from a simple administrative function to a fully fledged strategic business unit. No longer is it sufficient to simply turn requisition into orders and then await the delivery of the goods and services. It is therefore imperative for procurement to constantly deliver value to the organization by delivering products and services that contributes to the well being of the organization


Contract management and procurement training teaches students up-to-date skills and information relevant to the contract management field. In addition to learning about the basic fundamentals of procurement and acquisition, trainees practice how to analyze risk, form contracts, build professional networks and navigate through federal government regulations. Obtaining formal training in contract management and procurement also helps students to conform to the professional standards and skill requirements set by the National Contract Management Association


At the end of the training participant would have:


  • Increased skills sets in all phases of strategic procurement
  • Greater ability to lead plan and manage the procurement process
  • A greater sense of professionalism and being able to contribute to the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Increased knowledge of key performance indicators
  • Increased recognition by the organization due to increased performance


  • Common Procurement Definitions and Concepts
  • Procurement and sourcing process
  • Engaging and managing stakeholders
  • Purchase and payment process
  • Contracts and types of contracts
  • Earned Value
  • Key contract consideration
  • Contract approval process
  • Contract award and management
  • Negotiating contract terms and condition
  • Tracking and reporting financial progress


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