Work at Heights

Work at Heights

Working at Heights


This uniquely designed Work at Height training course helps participants to understand the National & International regulations related to working at height as well as provides necessary information needed to be able to successfully mitigate working at height risks and implement control measures. It emphasizes on an understanding of carrying out working at height risk assessment, safe use access equipment and monitoring to ensure that employees can reduce their risk of falls from height, adopting preventive and protective measures, rescue procedures in cases of emergency.

Benefits of Work at Height Training

For Employees & Workers engaged in Work at Height

Gain knowledge, skills and experience that are necessary to select and set up working at heights equipment ready for safe use and operation.

Identify risks in the workplace and eliminate or reduce the risk of severe or fatal injuries.

Demonstrate to others that you are taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements of National & International standards & Statutory requirements.

Use of fall protection system and devices, with rescue measures.


For Employers

Proactive measures to manage your claims history by reducing any likelihood of industrial injury claims by their employees and sub-contractors.

Comply with the legal and statutory requirements including the Health and Safety at Work.

Able to set in place safe systems and work and ensure that you get the best performance from plant and equipment.

Increasing awareness of the risks associated with working at heights.

Encouraging workers to take steps to avoid, prevent or reduce risk of falls from height.

Providing a simple, flexible and interactive training experience for employees, including supervisory and managerial staff.

Standardizing training for all staff.


Module 1: The Work at Height Law and the Work at Height Regulation

The Safety Responsibility of the Employer regarding working at height on towers

The Safety Responsibilities of the Employee regarding working at height on towers

Sanctions and fines on the employer for failing to ensure a safe work place

Sanctions and fines on the employee for failing to work safely.


Module 2: Types of Telecom Towers, Components Telecom site and associated hazards

Hazards associated with working on Guy Towers, Self-Supporting Towers and Monopoles during tower construction and Tower Modifications.

Module 3: Statistics of Accidents relating to falls from Height


Module 4: Hazards Identification on a Towers and Telecom site

Evaluation of the Environment

Visual Inspection of the structure of the telecom tower

Visual Inspection of ascension path to position of work on a tower.

Visual Inspection of work Equipment’s and PPE.

Evaluation of the state of well-being of team members

Module 5: Fall protection and Fall Arrest System (Equipment)


Module 6: Fall prevention methods

Techniques of tower ascension and tower descent

The work positioning system and its techniques

Collective fall protection techniques


1 Day


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