Accounting for Non Accountants

Accounting for Non Accountants


 Accounting for Non-Accountants training seminar provides a comprehensive introduction to the role of accounting in supporting and informing all business decisions throughout the organization. It is designed for those who access, use, and rely upon accounting information, but do not have accounting training or background. This  training seminar will give you access to the world of accounting, from basic principles, using plain language.

Those who attend this Accounting for Non-Accountants training seminar will gain a clear understanding of the structures of the accounting system, the information it contains, and how it can be accessed. You will learn, from numerous practical examples and illustrations, how the information on business transactions and activities, input to the accounting system is used throughout the organization. You will understand how accounting provides essential support to routine operations, decision making, and effective business control.

At the end of the course, participants would be able to:

  • Overcome the barrier of the accountants’ strange language
  • Deal confidently with financial colleagues
  • Improve their understanding of your organization’s finance function
  • Radically improve their planning and budgeting skills
  • Be much more aware of the impact of their decisions on the profitability of your organization
  • Enhance their role in the organization
  • Boost their confidence and career development


  • Financial planning
  • Financial control
  • Financial decision making
  • Origin of financial statements
  • Types of financial statements
  • Nature of financial statements
  • Periodicity of financial Statements
  • Users of Financial statements
  • Interpretation of Financial Statements


2 Days


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