Project Management Training

Project Management Training


Project Management has developed in order to plan, co-ordinate and control the complex and diverse activities of modern industrial and commercial projects. All projects share one common characteristic – the projection of ideas and activities into new endeavors.


The purpose of project management is to foresee or predict as many dangers and problems as possible; and to plan, organize and control activities so that the project is completed as successfully as possible in spite of all the risks. The ever-present element of risk and uncertainty means that events and tasks leading to completion can never be foretold with absolute accuracy. For some complex or advanced projects, even the possibility of successful completion might be of serious doubt.


Project management can involve the following activities: planning – deciding what is to be done; organizing – making arrangements; staffing – selecting the right people for the job; directing – giving instructions; monitoring – checking on progress; controlling – taking action to remedy hold ups; innovation – coming up with new solutions; representing – liaising with users.


At the end of the participants would be able to :


  • Identify the key activities in the project life cycle.

  • Recognize the components of a project charter and how to be appropriately scale them based on the size of a project.

  • Understand the role of the “triple constraint” in project management and apply it in determining project scope.

  • Keep projects on track by managing project risks and effectively using a communication plan.

  • Capture valuable project lessons and use them to define and improve project management practices within your organization.

  • Develop an action plan for continuing to expand your project management knowledge.


  • Project management framework
  • Project management process group
  • Project integration management
  • Project scope management
  • Project time management
  • Project cost management
  • Project human resources management
  • Project communication management
  • Project risk management
  • Project procurement management
  • Project quality management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Professional and social responsibility of project managers


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